Given the situation and the measures taken to combat the spread of the virus, we decided to offer courses via Zoom with the designer Maryam and the ambassador JRMY for Afrovibe at will!

You will be able to step up from your living room, in the kitchen, on your bed or from the hallway of the entrance, as a family, solo, we promise to make you sweat!

4 courses from 1 hour to 6 euros only the course , Tuesday 17/03 , Wednesday 18/03, Thursday 19/03 and Saturday 21/03.

Connect to Skype, choose your course(s), pay online and receive a link to the Skype meeting room where you’ll find Maryam or JRMU behind your screens, choisissez votre ou vos cours, payez en ligne et recevez un lien de réunion skype, vous n’avez plus qu’à cliquer et attendre Maryam ou JRMY derrière vos écrans !

Sometimes events of our lives push us to act and behave differently, take some time for your self

We are united

The Afrovibe team #EveryBODYcanVibe

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4/5 July (French), August 1st and 2nd (English)


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