AfrovibeTM is a squat based fun and intense Afro dance cardio workout ! Created by Doris Martel, Physical therapist of the NBA team 76ers and Maryam Kaba dancer and renown French trainer, afrovibe mixes:

• Traditional Afro-dances

• Afro-urban dances

• Dances from Brazil and the Caribbean

• Standing toning choreographies

Afrovibe doesn’t require dance technique. It is accessible to all! It promotes the Afro cultures around the world. Our motto EveryBODY can vibe! The class have been designed so that anybody can enjoy it. You’ll be surprised of what you can achieve. Workout, Make progress while enjoying afro-beats

Why participate?

The Afrovibe™ is squat based with amazing easy to execute Afro dance moves for a total body workout!

The core of Afro dances being the squat, you will dance feeling grounded. As a result it will boost your energy consumption and burn more calories. This class is great way to burn calories, sculpt your body and improve its strength and flexibility.

Choreographies and playlists change every two months. All our instructors teach the same classes everywhere in the world to give every student the same experience.. You will dance, tone, let go, and express yourself like never before

Find your class?

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Course unwinding

1. Warm up

2. Cardio Dance Strength and conditioning

3. Cardio Choreography

4. Choreography abdominal muscle strengthening/waist

5. Cardio Choreography

6. Choreography muscular reinforcement Bras

7. Cardio choreography

8. Stretching

The results

Boost energy and positivity

Muscular tonification

Lower body fat

Cardio-vascular endurance enhancement


Letting go


Improved balance, coordination and flexibility