AfrovibeTM is a discipline of Afro dance cardio, expressive and intense playful! Created by Doris Martel, dancer and massage for the NBA and Maryam Kaba dancer and sports coach, afrovibe combines:

• Traditional Afro dances

• Afro-urban dances

• Dances from Brazil, the Caribbean

• Fitness techniques: squat, standing muscle reinforcement, cardio training.

Afrovibe is not a dance technique course, they are inspired by Afro dances and is accessible to all! It promotes the Afro cultures around the world. Our motto EveryBODY can vibe conveys the values of sharing, self-esteem and letting go. We spend, we fight, we progress while bursting on the best Afro sounds.

Why participate?

The Afrovibe™ is designed around the squat and Afro dances for a total body workout!

The specificity of Afro dances is the squat, we dance in the ground to boost energy consumption and allow an increased and rapid caloric expenditure. A great way to burn calories, sculpt your body and improve its strength and flexibility.

Choreographies and playlists change every two months. They are designed to be fun, easy to learn and gradually increase in intensity! Dancing is living, dancing has to be expressed and let go, with Afrovibe we have a blast on dances and Afro, Afro urban and Afro-Caribbean music.

Find her class?

Course unfolding

1. Warm up

2. Cardio Dance Strength and conditioning

3. Cardio Choreography

4. Choreography abdominal muscle strengthening/waist

5. Cardio Choreography

6. Choreography muscular reinforcement Bras

7. Cardio choreography

8. Stretching

The results

Boost energy and positivity

Muscular tonification

Lower body fat

Cardio-vascular endurance enhancement


Letting go


Improved balance, coordination and flexibility