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Maryam Doris

Doris Martel, Dancer and Sports massage therapist from France, has known Maryam Kaba, a renowned personal trainer, for over 20 years. They trained together at the Professional Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Thiais in France since she was 10 years old.

With a ballet, modern jazz and rhythmic gymnastic background she later turned to ethnic dance genres such as African, Oriental, Afro-Brazilian, Salsa, Afro-Cuban and fitness.

Coupled with Maryam knowledge in Dance and Fitness, they created Afrovibe™. An intense new discipline that mixes fitness, dance, fun and personal expression.

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It’s at age of 10 that Maryam began sports and ballet. But it’s with rhythmic gymnastics that she fell in love with. Trained by tough coaches from Bulgaria and Romania, she learned to develop a strong mental and an impeccable technique. In 1992, she wins her first French individual championship. Hard work keeps on paying off when she wins the French individual championship and the duet championship in 1994 and 1996.

With a Bachelor in sports and a Personal Trainer degree, Maryam gave back her knowledge by training young gymnastics and future champions.

In the same period she begun training herself in new fields such as Afro-dance, street dance and Afro-Brazilian dance. She decided to use her expertise in sports and anatomy to become an independent personal trainer.

Right from the beginning she met a lot of success with a wide clientele from the fashion and entertainment industries.

It’s in this context that she developed Afrovibe™ with her best friend Doris Martel.
Twitter: @maryamcoach
Instagram: @maryamkaba

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Doris Martel is a Dancer and Sports Massage Therapist from France. She started ballet at age 4 and rhythmic gymnastics at age 10 for 7 years. She started in the lowest category and worked her way up to National B to become one of the best French gymnast in her category and won several French champion titles.

After coaching gymnastics with Maryam Kaba and studying African dance, Salsa, Samba and Middle Eastern dances, she decided to travel to America and learn more about different styles and techniques.

She also studied sports, therapeutic and medical massage with several American masters and became passionate about the body, its anatomy and kinesiology. Thanks to the knowledge and skills she developed over the years, she became a reference in the NBA and in Los Angeles in terms of soft tissue therapy. Today she works with the NBA team the Los Angeles Clippers.

Co-creating the Afrovibe™ workout with Maryam Kaba was a desire to combine both of their knowledge and expertise and offer a fun and effective way of working out.

She is the head of Triphysical  in the United States, a company dedicated to massage, fitness and dance.

Twitter: @dorismartelfr
Instagram: @dorismartel