Kassy Francis

Kassy has been training in the art of dance since the age of 18 years old. She began her training at Chaffey College, enrolling in Jazz, ballet, modern, and hip hop classes in the school’s dance program.

She joined ENVY Dance Company with Brandon Aiken as the director in 2008. Kassy continued to perform with ENVY while attending nursing school to obtain her LVN. While working as a nurse she continued to have her passion in dance and decided to join  Academy of Swag in  2013 directed by JayChris Moore, performing in events such as VIBE, Hip Hop International, and World of Dance. in 2013 she also got signed to the S Agency which allowed her opportunities to dance for artist Maryam Zadeh,  in a music video for electronic music project  Major Lazer and a video for choreographer Barry YoungBlood. She recently performed alongside other amazing dancers for the 2014  Phlextravaganza, a Hollywood event hosted by renown choreographer Phlex. Kassy is currently still dancing and performing for both ENVY Dance Company and Academy of Swag, as well as newly created team based in North Hollywood, The MOB.

She continues to broaden her styles of dance which now include hip hop, jazz funk, freestyle, krump, dancehall, and afro-Caribbean styles. Her love and passion for dance continues to grow as she nurtures her art form by delving in various styles and training under a variety of artistic and talented dance souls in the industry and community.

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