Afrovibe lesson

2015 will be the year of success!

As « Afrovibers » and the press love it, Afrovibe is launching its development stage. Therefore, we are looking for our future ambassadors: coaches!


Why should you become an Afrocoach?
Because you are a dance, fitness, African and ethnical rhythms lover and you want to share your passion!


How can you become an Afrocoach?
Send us your resume. If you are selected, you will attend a 2-day training session.

The next training session will be held in July 2015.


Is there some kind of monitoring during the training?
Of course! You will have access to the online training center so you can enrich your classes and stay up to date. Maryam and Doris will follow-up thanks to a Skype session every quarter. And you will also attend the annual convention!


How much will it cost me?
$499 the 2-day training session (or $399 the online training)
$30 per month for the Afrovibe licence and the access to the Afrovibe Coach training center


Find out more
Check out our website here or send us an email at contact[at]

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