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Afrovibe™ is an audacious cocktail of style

Afrovibe™ is a French Afrocentric dance workout created by Doris Martel, Dancer and Sports Massage Therapist and Maryam Kaba, Dancer and renowned Celebrity Trainer.

Afrovibe™ is revolutionizing the fitness world as it uses dance techniques to engage all of the muscles at once with every move.

Afrovibe™ is a unique dance cardio workout built around Afro dances (from Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Brazil), Squats, standing strength and conditioning choreographies.

Afrovibe™ features Afro music from all around the world. Traditional music, drums, afro house, afro jazz, samba, socca, raggamuffin and much more.

Afrovibe™ is an excellent way to burn calories, sculpt the body, improve flexibility and strength while dancing and having fun on Afro rhythm. The class always goes fast…

The science behind it

The Squat is one of the most efficient fitness move as it mobilizes several of the most powerful muscles of the body at once.


Afro movements are also squat based or require the use of several muscles groups in simultaneity. The two techniques (Afro dances and squats) used simultaneously  will workout multiple body parts at once and engage several muscle groups at the same time for a maximum energy expenditure.

Following the dance cardio is 15 min of  standing strength and conditioning choreographies designed to isolate and tone arms, abs, hips and gluts.

As you already exhausted your muscles with a fun choreography, the 15 min toning choreographies have been designed to make you fail rapidly and build new muscle fibers.

The results: an increase of energy consumption for more fat and calorie burn.  An efficient and fast muscle toning. A boost of happiness and positivity.


The structure

Afrovibe is an accessible yet intense workout with several levels offered. It is one of the only workouts to include muscle toning to cardio dance training. It uses dance styles that solicit several muscle groups to do one movement. Every muscle group is used and challenged. The choreographies and level of difficulty vary depending on the level.

The class can be 1 hour or 1h30.


* Only for 1h30 class